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Berkshire Environmental Action Team /
No Fracked Gas in Mass

Berkshire Environmental Action Team protects the environment for wildlife, to support the natural world that sustains us all. 

Join our campaign to end fossil-fuel-burning Peaker Power Plants! A peaking power plant is an electric generating facility that only operates when electricity use is very high, such as on very hot and humid summer days when air conditioning demand is high, or on very cold winter days when both heating demand and electric demand is high.  Peakers are disproportionately located in environmental justice communities, cost electricity ratepayers tremendous amounts of money in the form of “capacity payments”, even though they run extremely infrequently and run on very dirty fuels like oil, “natural” gas or kerosene, and emit significant amounts of nitrogen oxides, a hazardous gas that can cause serious respiratory issues and climate change.

We believe that clean air is a right. No one should have to live in a community where their health is at risk simply from the air that they breathe. Therefore, we are demanding that the three peaking power plants located in Berkshire County, MA be shut down and replaced with only renewable and clean alternatives.

Join us! Sign our Petition to Put Peakers in the Past

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