OFF: Off Fossil Fuels


Stop NY Fracked Gas Pipeline (SNYFGP) has joined a national campaign coordinated by Food and Water Watch to call on all elected officials to take the Off Fossil Fuels Elected Official Pledge (see below).

We know that global warming is real and the burning of fossil fuels is the main cause. The climate crisis becomes more and more real every day. Superstorms, droughts, record heat, crop failure and rising sea levels are only the beginning of what we can expect in the future. We know that dramatic actions must be taken NOW to move our society off fossil fuels and toward a sustainable, renewable energy future. However, the Trump administration and congress have chosen to stand in the way of any efforts to protect our communities from the climate crisis. It is clear that change will have to come at the local level.

Therefore, we are calling on all local elected officials and candidates in our community to take the pledge. Our efforts will be multiplied by the efforts of people like us in communities across the country – People asking our representatives to take the commitment to do whatever is necessary to stop fossil fuels. Please join us by reaching out to elected officials in your town and county. We are attaching a copy of the pledge that you can use when you reach out to your representatives. Keep in touch and let us know what your representatives are saying about the pledge.

Click here to download a copy of the pledge that you can bring to local, state and federal officials asking them to take the pledge. 

For more information contact SNYFGP  (518-781-4686) or Becky at or Ruth at

Elected Official Pledge

I accept the science that says humankind’s use of fossil fuels is the primary driver of dangerous global climate change.

Therefore, as your elected representative, I pledge to be a leader on climate change issues and will support efforts in my community to move us off fossil fuels and achieve a just transition to 100% clean, renewable energy. While current research suggests that this transition will need to be completed by 2035 at the latest to avoid catastrophic climate impacts, we cannot wait and must act now.

I will oppose any project that will expand fossil fuel production, and its use or transport, and will work to quickly phase out existing fossil fuel infrastructure in my jurisdiction. I vow to put people and the planet before any corporation’s profits, and will support efforts to address the toxic legacy of fossil fuels in all of our communities, especially those most impacted including indigenous peoples, communities of color, low income people and rural communities.