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09/03/2019 – SNYFGP Newsletter: Court “Cons” Us: Grants FERC Right to Approve Constitution

06/20/2019 – So Much Climate News…. It’s Hard to Keep Up: Check in here

06/10/2019 – Learn More About a Local Pipeline Proposal

05/24/2019 – Come Help Us Get Out the Word About the Local Fracked Gas Pipeline Proposal Tomorrow (Saturday, May 25)

05/07/2019 – Lions and Tigers and Pipelines, Oh My

04/22/2019 – How You Can Help to Stop the Proposed Fracked Gas Pipeline

04/14/2019 – It’s Monday, Call Cuomo, It’s Tuesday, Join a Phone Meeting, It’s Wednesday, Come to a Town Meeting

04/08/2019 – Keep Em On Their Toes

3/30/19 Proposed New Pipeline in Town


3/23/19 Area Energy Fairs Abound

3/20/19 Important Calls for the Capital District

3/11/19 Everyone Who Eats is Invited

2/28/19 Check Out Our New Website

2/20/19 Save The Dates: Divestment Lobbying, Food And The Environment, Climate Justice

02/07/2019 – What is the Green New Deal?

12/19/2018 – Save 10% on Electricity by Using Solar Power, If we don’t who will?

11/26/2018 – Youth and the Sun Can Save Us!

11/14/2018 – Now that the Election is Over, Back to the Environment…

11/05/2018 – Vote (for the Environment!), Tuesday, November 6, 6am-9pm

11/01/2018 – What a Fair!

10/19/2018 – Come to the Fair on Saturday!

10/07/2018 – SNYFGP/CASE Newsletter: Fair Be Well (with your help)

09/24/2018 – You don’t want your friends and neighbors to miss this!

09/12/2018 – Do You Know Who You Are Voting for on September 13th and November 6th?

09/04/2018 – SNYFGP Newsletter: Fascinating Study on Renewable Future

08/07/2018 – SNYFGP Newsletter: Activists Aren’t Taking the Summer Off

07/21/2018 – Do You Open and Read Our Newsletters?

07/14/2018 – 2018 Renewable Energy and Sustainable Energy Fair

06/20/2018 – Which Way Will the Wind Blow?

06/01/2018 – Dandelion’s New Geothermal Offer

05/16/2018 – Come to a Geothermal Open House at Becky and Bob’s House, this Saturday 10-2

05/03/2018 – April Showers Will Empower

04/21/2018 – Join 1000 NYers in Albany, Monday, April 23