Utility Shotoffs Moratorium About to Expire

New York’s moratorium on utility shutoffs is set to expire on March 31.

Call legislative leaders to demand they take immediate action to ensure New Yorkers have access to water during the pandemic!

Under normal circumstances, water is a human right, but during the pandemic it’s a public health necessity. Last year, the Legislature established a moratorium on shutting off water and other essential utilities during the health crisis. The State Senate and Assembly only have days to act to guarantee there are no lapses in service!

Making a call is a simple act, but it has a big impact.

Please call both Assembly Speaker Heastie and Senate Majority Leader Stewart-Cousins today. Here’s how:

1. Call 877-247-1820 AND 877-796-1949

2. Tell both offices:
“I urge the Legislature to extend New York’s moratorium on utility shutoffs.”

The evidence is conclusive: utility shutoff moratoriums prevent COVID infections and save lives. The Legislature must act NOW so that no New Yorkers go without water, power, and heat during the crisis, nor are punished for being unable to pay their bills.

Please take two minutes to call New York’s legislative leaders at 877-247-1820 and 877-796-1949 to urge them to protect public health and struggling families during this crisis.

Thank you for taking action,

Eric Weltman
Senior Organizer
Food & Water Watch

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