Kiss the Ground: Movie

Kiss the Ground covers a lot of ground, from the plains of North Dakota to the hills of California to the plateaus of China. If you’ve seen it you’ve met the farmers, ranchers, soil experts, and activists who are working to rebuild our soil and draw down climate pollution. It’s inspiring to see so many people throw themselves fully into this effort.

This film was a years-long undertaking from a team dedicated to tackling some of the biggest challenges facing our society — from climate change to soil loss to struggling farms. What they’ve laid out is a fantastic vision for what our country needs to do in order to bring back healthy farm ecosystems and economies.

We’ll be talking with the executive director and filmmakers of Kiss the Ground about what inspired the film and what these concepts mean for you in your day-to-day life. 

Ramón Cruz, moderator and president of the Sierra Club
Mary Chambers, chair of Sierra Club California’s Sustainable Agriculture Committee
Josh Tickell, director and producer of Kiss the Ground
Rebecca Tickell, director and producer of Kiss the Ground
Ryland Engelhart, co-founder and executive director of Kiss the Ground

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